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Customer Service Apprenticeship – Intermediate and Advanced

Good customer service determines the quality of the customer experience and helps to increase customer loyalty. Employers across all sectors, regardless of whether their main business is customer service, are choosing to up skill their current workforce.

The apprenticeship will be bespoke to your requirements and will cover areas such as:

• Dealing with customers
• Developing customer relations
• Go the extra mile in customer service
• Do your job in a customer friendly way
• Deliver reliable customer service
• Recognise diversity when delivering customer service
• Recognise and deal with customer queries, requests and problems

Customer Service – Intermediate Apprenticeship

Due to the varied nature of the customer service industry there are many job roles that apply, these will include job roles like Customer Service Trainee, Customer Service Assistant, Customer Service Advisor, Customer Service Representative and Customer Service Agent.

The Intermediate Level Customer Service Apprenticeship covers:

• Communicating effectively with customers face to face, in writing, or by telephone,
• Resolving problems
• Improving customer relations
• Promoting products and services
• Keeping records
• Gathering customer feedback
• Working in a team

Customer Service – Advanced Apprenticeship

At the advanced apprenticeship level, dedicated customer service job roles will include Customer Relationship Manager, Customer Support Officer, Customer Service Team Leader, Customer Service Supervisory and Customer Service Co-ordinator.

The Advanced Level Customer Service Apprenticeship covers:

• Improving customer satisfaction
• Team leading
• Improving customer loyalty
• Gathering and analysing customer feedback
• Processing complaints
• Maintaining reliable customer service

How long will the Apprenticeship Framework take to complete?

The level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in Customer Service will be completed over a minimum of 12 months and 1 day. The level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service will be completed over a minimum of 15 months and 1 day, both will include:

• A National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)
• Technical Certificate
• Employee Rights and Responsibilities
• Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
• Functional Skills in Maths and English and ICT

Assessment of the apprenticeship will take place in the workplace, however there will be some classroom and ‘off the job’ training.

This Apprenticeship is fully funded (dependent on eligibility)